About Us

Søndre Flaskebekk is a Norwegian fashion brand focusing on jacquard knitwear.

We’re a local women owned and run business which takes inspiration from the nordic knitwear traditions that’s been cultivated for generations and brings them to a modern woman and her needs. – We make high quality UNIQUE AMAZING FUN SOFT and COMFORTABLE clothing for lounging, running errands in the city, exploring the desert, or staying warm after a swim, summer as winter.

Founded in The inner Oslo fjord in the spring of 2016 with four seasons and days for going to the beach as well as days for going ice skating, our Nordic bound fashion house is focusing on quality first.

Our unique and characteristic patterns, color palettes and amazingly soft qualities sets us apart as a modern knitwear brand with highly functional yet fashionable clothes.


The most fundamental way Søndre Flaskebekk is sustainable, the way we see it, is in that we’re a design driven brand. As opposed to trend driven. We do not contribute to the bad cycle of over production that unfortunately has a hold of the fashion industry. We are not obliged to making 7 collections a year. Our business model is not built on big bi-annual sales where we dump prices and have to get rid of our enormous inventory. We believe strongly that style is not something that goes out of fashion next season. Our clothes doesn’t have an expiration date. They are made to be investment pieces to go into your wardrobe and last for a long time. In this way, we are are a ‘slow’ as opposed to fast fashion brand. ~ We’re committed to making long lasting classics that will be go to-pieces in your wardrobe. Good quality garments can last a long time if they’re cared for. As a brand, this is the kind of garments we’re making.

Open Source

We’re also aiming to be an Open Source fashion brand as we believe that sharing is caring, and we want to give the especially interested users the opportunity to interact with the fabric of our designs, so to speak. Get in touch if you want to mess around with our patterns.